Marjatta van Boeschoten

Organisation development consultant and trainer in leadership and collaboration

Marjatta van Boeschoten was born in England and attended at Waldorf Rudolf Steiner School, where her father was a teacher.  She trained as a lawyer and worked in a law firm.  After a break to be with her two children, she started a new career as a management consultant and trainer in a consultancy, based on the social development impulse initiated by Bernard Lievegoed.  In 1993 she founded her own consultancy working predominately with large national and international companies and government organisations, in personal and organisation development, negotiation and collaboration.  She is a member of the Board of Triodos Bank. She lives in Gloucestershire in the West of England.


"After twelve years at an English Waldorf School I worked, firstly as a lawyer and later as a management development consultant fostering collaboration and leadership in organisations.  I made this career change after meeting the management consultancy Nederlands Pedagogic Instituut, where I saw approaches based on anthroposophical concepts used highly effectively in strategic development, leadership and team building in mainstream business organisations.
This first showed me how powerfully Rudolf Steiner's insights can work at the core of contemporary life and not, as is sometimes perceived, restricted to anthroposophists and anthroposophical institutions. Indeed, Rudolf Steiner expected anthroposophy to be taken up for global and universal benefit; to deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world we are living in and to enable a wider spiritual perspective to infuse our thinking and actions.
I am convinced that over the last 150 years, Rudolf Steiner's insights have become ever more relevant and capable of making a significant contribution to resolving today's unprecedented conundrums.  However this will demand of those who now take up this work the ability to find new forms and language that faithfully express for contemporaries what Rudolf Steiner intended and described some 100 years ago.  Whilst this is a mighty challenge, the potential of anthroposophy to work beneficially for humankind at this critical time makes it a challenge that needs to be energetically taken up."

Marjatta van Boeschoten

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