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Rudolf Steiner Celebration Train

A Birthday Journey from Cologne (Germany) through Kraljevec (Croatia) to Vienna (Austria) February 24-28, 2011


A Birthday Journey from Cologne (Germany) through Kraljevec (Croatia) to Vienna (Austria) February 24-28, 2011 Rudolf Steiner was supposedly born in a railway station and brought up in two others, and later he spent many hours of his life on trains and in waiting rooms, reading dozens of books, writing letters in jolting cars, preparing – while sitting between other passengers – lectures and meetings. Symbolically, this 'life on the road' flowed into the preparation of the anniversary year as a leitmotif from the very beginning. Soon it found expression in the construction of the shared online platform, as well as in the credo 'to put oneself in motion inwardly and outwardly'.

Five months before Steiner's 150th birthday, it has been finally made possible to extend the travel options in this sense and to set, as a connecting element, a physical Rudolf Steiner Train on the railst to bring together interested people from all over the world, giving them a unique opportunity to follow the footprints of the founder of Anthroposophy in a special way.

Trains are a very popular and highly developed part of the European transportation system. The InterRegio was the 'human' train of the German Railways (Deutsche Bundesbahn). These trains, produced in their own specially-built facility—'Europe's state-of-the-art railway wagon factory' (manager magazine),—represented the ideal transportation vehicles of a new train-riding culture. The InterRegio was introduced gradually from 1988, and eventually it operated on 24 lines in two- hour intervals, with its 440 trains servicing a network of about 11,000 km every day. The design of this train was undertaken first by Karl Dieter Bodack and completed by the BPR office in Stuttgart (Jens Peters) working with the colour designer Fritz Fuchs from Jarna, Sweden. It is informed by the social impulse of Rudolf Steiner, and the project management of the DB and the development work and construction by the PFA were carried out accordingly. The drafts were based on the artistic and architectural impulse of Rudolf Steiner, demonstrating an organic design in the colours and forms of all the spaces.

The offspring of the Deutsche Bahn AG, the DB Regio, will provide such InterRegio rail cars for the special Steiner Express, with a Rheingold-Club car in the middle of the train, all drawn by one of the legendary high-speed 103 locomotives. In the unusual interior of the train with its broad aisles, compartments, saloons and comfortable club car, passengers will have the best opportunity for brief exchanges or a comfortable conversation. At the station stops of Steiner's childhood and adolescence activities and events are being prepared.

The birthday train at the end of February is a pilot project, and it can only happen if enough passengers, guides, and 'conductors' join. Additional trains to the congresses in Weimar, Vienna or Bologna are being planned for June, August and September.

You will find the detailed travel routes with all the stations and departure times here

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